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My training started at the School of Art in Catania and I pursued my passion in two Universities in Rome, “La Sapienza” and “Superior Institute of Design” in the Design and Graphic field. The first 4 years, I acquired my experience as a graphic designer in different companies. 

Then, during 3 years, I became a Senior Graphic Designer for a big company in Rome in which I had many responsibilities and managed the graphic design workflow for big events in Rome and Milan. In 2012, I came back to Catania, my home town, to create my personal atelier of graphics design for many clients in Sicily, Rome, USA and England.


In 2016, I decided to move to Switzerland seeking for a new life. I love to create new interactions and relationship with clients as well as solving new challenges of communication, interaction design and new solutions.

I am always eager to learn more about design, new trends, technologies, arts and sciences on my own time in order to improve my knowledge.

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